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Social Anxiety Famlily Study

Michiel Westenberg, Nic van der Wee, Melle van der Molen

The social anxiety family study (also known as the 2 generation study) is a new unique cross sectional study where two generations of the same families will be examined. The study is part of the Leiden Family Lab. Studies have shown that social anxiety disorder runs in families and behavior-genetic research supports both a hereditary and an environmental contribution to the development of social phobia. However, surprisingly little is known about specific neurocognitive properties that are genetically linked to social anxiety disorder.

The key question addressed in this 2 generation study is whether the psychophysiological and neurocognitive abnormalities often reported in social anxiety disorder patients are heritable, and can thus be found in family members of social anxiety disorder patients. Determination of heritability of these neurocognitive deficiencies is essential for endophenotyping. A successful delineation of endophenotypes will facilitate the investigation of gene-environment interactions, which will be the subsequent phase in this research program. This study includes paradigms that tap into the two key dimensions relevant to the social anxiety disorder symptomatology: Attention and Social Cognition.

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